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Self-Care is not a Bubble Bath

I attended a Self-Care/Self-Love retreat yesterday. We started with yoga. I love yoga and consider that an important part of self-care that everyone should make a regular part of their life. After that we had a short session with local experts (they were great, follow @dralisareed and @vitamin_ri) and the resounding message was that self-care is whatever makes YOU FEEL YOU again. That can be all kind of things. For me it is a trip to the grocery store and farmers market with a (sometimes healthy) snack for the car ride home, while I blast my favorite music. Yes, I realize that grocery shopping isn't a pleasant activity for everyone. (I can help you change that)

Self -care can be setting aside 15 minutes to read a book every day. It can also be gardening. As a kid I hated gardening because it was a required chore for us to eat, but now I find great tranquility in watering and weeding. I especially love growing my own herbs and using them regularly in my cooking. My gardening now includes lots and lots of butterfly host plants. Seeing the yard full of butterflies and their caterpillars brings me joy.

Self-care can be taking a nap with your loved one and by that, I mean a furry four-legged friend.

Self-care includes nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise, all things that keep you happy, healthy and resilient. After the pandemic and the current negative actions in our world everyone needs to make self-care a priority.

Turn off the phone and take a nap, make a healthy meal, watch a favorite movie, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, sit outside in nature. Take care of yourself. Self-care is not expensive or time consuming. You can do it.

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