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About Healthy Living

Healthy living isn't about being a certain size.  It's about looking at food as medicine, being physically active, and being engaged with others. Get started on your vision of healthy life. I can coach you on your wellness journey with assistance in defining your SMART goals and working weekly to accomplish them.  I coach you with empathy, humor, and lots of life experience.  

The Healthy Living Personal Program

I'm a certified health and wellness coach, certified culinary coach, and here to help you improve your health and wellness. Together, I hope to help you make a significant contribution as you navigate some of the toughest challenges of our times – the pandemic has contributed to obesity, a sedentary and solitary lifestyle, stress, depression, poor nutrition, and ever-rising food and healthcare costs.

I provide coaching in personal health and wellness, culinary coaching, and life coaching.  I am honest in my conversations with my clients and have lived a life that has experienced just about everything.  I am passionate about wellness coaching for the following reasons:  I am on my own journey of health and wellness; as an educator at heart I love working with people and watching them accomplish goals;  I am frustrated at ageism and ready to help all others navigate this prejudice; I have a pre-diabetic husband and young children in my care that I create healthy meals and snacks for;  I LOVE to cook and share meals with family and friends.

How does coaching work?

I do an initial meeting session to make sure that we are comfortable working together.  The next step is some assessments to help us gauge your strengths and challenges.  Then we will meet weekly for approximately two months to meet your goals and set you off on your personal wellness vision. There are packages for all three of the programs.  I work with clients in the New Orleans area, but also offer online coaching.

Let's talk and get you started on the life you desire.  There's no holding you back from accomplishing your goals when you have a supportive coach!

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Why Is Coaching for You?

What happens in a coaching session? The purpose of a coaching session is to examine a problematic aspect of your life, explore your thoughts, and use that information to create what you want. 

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