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Meet Brenda

Certified Personal WellnessCoach, CHEF certified Culinary Coach, Life Coach (emphasis on mentoring women in mid-life), Culinary Instructor

I am a woman who faces the same challenges that we all do-weight gain, stress, lack of energy, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and the physical effects of aging.  I have loved food in all its aspects (sustenance, preparation, cultural importance, gardening, and agriculture) my entire life.  Food has meant different things to me at various stages of my life. In my youth it was ignorance of food as medicine, after that, I focused on feeding my family, then food became a social activity and cultural engagement.

 Like many of you, I struggle with my weight.  I don't like formal exercise and you will never find me in a gym, but I want to fulfill my goal of living a healthy and active life in my senior years. I want to help you too. I have the tools and experience to help guide you on your journey of wellness.

All of us have the ability to achieve our personal goals, but most of us need a coach to get there.  Let me be your coach to win at your wellness vision.  Have you had a recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes? Are you feeling that you are stuck in a life with little joy?  Do you want to eat healthier by shopping and preparing your own meals? Let's talk and set those goals up for you to accomplish!

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