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Cook and enjoy life one meal at a time.


Want to eat healthier, improve your cooking skills and bring more wellness into your life?
I've got you!

1 x 1 Coaching with Brenda Walkenhorst

Turn your dietary challenges into culinary enjoyment.


Meet Brenda

Wellcoaches Certified Personal Wellness Coach

CHEF certified Culinary Coach (Institute of Lifestyle Medicine)

 Mentor for Women in Mid-Life 

Family Cooking Culinary Instructor

I'm an educator, wife, mother, grandmother, animal lover, and home cook.  I am passionate about sharing my excitement for home cooking and personal wellness that incorporates self-love, science, positivity, encouragement, sustainability, and food as medicine.

My path to wellness coaching and my life's second act has been a 40-year journey.  My physical passage from a young woman to a middle-aged woman and beyond has enabled me to clearly understand the mind-body connection of wellness coaching. My life experience, world travels, and research confirm that the foods we eat have the most impact on our wellbeing.   Most people want to eat healthier, but lack the skills and find it too difficult to make it happen. My culinary skills and coaching expertise allow me to be the most effective wellness coach. 

My approach is very compassionate and supportive. I approach challenges creatively and with a sense of humor.

I am here for you to promote positivity and give you the encouragement to be the best that you can be.

I live in New Orleans and would love to meet with you personally to discuss your goals for a healthier and better YOU. I am also available for online meetings/sessions for those outside the New Orleans area.  Contact me for an introductory session to see how personal health and wellness coaching can guide you to accomplish your goals. contact me at:


In my early 50's  I began to feel invisible and no longer relevant.  At 59 my long-time career deemed me no longer valuable, but I was still full of passion and energy. I decided to create my second act. Women in their 50's and 60's (and beyond!) have a lot to offer.  I am using my skills and work habits honed in my first act to help others be all that they can be. (In the photo is a copy of my very first cookbook. I bought it at the scholastic book fair over 50 years ago.)

peanuts cookbook.JPG

What I Specialize In

Personal Wellness Coaching

Culinary Coaching

Life Coaching

Culinary Courses

grocery 2.jpg

1:1 Coaching Health and Wellness

Discover the "why" behind your desire for a health change.

I will give you the empowerment to do what YOU are the expert on.

We will identify the challenges and blind spots in your plan.

I provide support and accountability.

1:1 Culinary Coaching that covers:

  • Pantry and kitchen needs and organization

  • Grocery planning and shopping

  • Healthy and delicious meal planning

  • Cooking instruction and skills (We will cook together!)

  • New healthy recipes

  • Ongoing support to help you achieve your goals.

1:1 Coaching for emotional, cognitive and physical well-being

These coaching sessions will motivate and inspire you to reach the goals YOU set for yourself.

Help you strategize your plan for a better life,

I provide support and accountability.

Book Now

Let’s Get Healthy
I provide in-person and online coaching

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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